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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Gene’s Tennis Tip of the Month: January 2015

Welcome to the first tip of 2015!

As 2015 begins, this is a good time to review your tennis year.  Consider where you started the year and where you ended.  Are your strokes better, worse or the same?  Are you physically stronger, weaker, or the same?  Is your movement better or worse?  What about your attitude / mental approach?  Most of the time, these areas of your game can be improved, but you need to have a starting point to recognize the improvement.  Sometimes, one of these areas is far more developed than the others, in which case, you might want to work on getting your weaker areas caught up to your strengths.  For example, if you are a great mover, but all you do is bunt the ball back when you get there, perhaps you would consider spending less time on movement in 2015, and more time improving your power either by getting equipment that creates power for you, working on your core conditioning, or generating more racket-head speed.  Pick one of these things (they sometimes overlap as you may need a stronger core to generate more racket-head speed) that will seal up a hole in your game over the next year, then you are more likely to see improvement when you review 2015 next December.  If you do not consider these things, then realize that you might be spending time on the same things and in the end not getting much bang for your efforts.

You might also pick a particular stroke or decide that you need to drill more on the ball machine.  In that case, set a goal for how many balls you want to hit out of the ball machine over the next year versus how many matches you play.  Some players have the opposite problem:  all they do is drill and they are terrified of playing matches.  Then set a goal for playing a certain number of matches over the next year to give yourself a chance to get used to dealing with the completely different mental stresses that matches put on a player no matter how good their strokes are.  Whatever you decide, make the goal realistic that way you are likely to feel successful and might even discover you like doing the previously scary activity.  I would love to hear some of your goals and progress through the year, so please feel free to email me at with any stories and plans for your tennis game in 2015.  I will even share them on our Facebook page if you say it’s okay.  Good luck and see you on the courts in 2015!

Tennis Holiday Party 2014

This year’s annual Mcc Tennis Holiday Party was once again the place to be on Dec. 5th!  We celebrated another fun filled year of tennis and laughs with drinking, food, tennis awards, and our stories of tennis battles won and lost.  We had over 70 players and friends in the Galaxy Room.  We invite all tennis enthusiasts at Mcc to join in this fun filled event that happens every season on the first Friday in December.

Ken & Diane at Mcc Tennis Holiday Pary 2014

Ken & Diane at Mcc Tennis Holiday Pary 2014

Sheelagh & Larry at the Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2014

Sheelagh & Larry at the Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2014

Jim & Herman at the Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2014

Jim & Herman at the Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2014

Gene’s Tip of the Month December 2014

Learn to turn and back up.  This ability is vital for many shots in tennis, including ground-strokes and overheads.  In the United States, we view retreat with disdain, however, defense is what separates most of the top ten players in the world from the rest.  Good defense starts with movement.  
To work on moving backwards properly, begin by moving without a ball.  Stand on the baseline.  Drop your right foot behind your left foot.  Shuffle back.  Plant your back foot (in this example your right foot), then push forward off the planted foot and stroke a forehand.  Move back up to the baseline by simply running forward.  Execute a split-step, then repeat.  This exercise will prepare you for proper defensive movement in a match when your opponent strikes a hard, deep shot.  
Next, you can have your pro or a friend feed you high deep balls by hand from a few feet away and to the side so you work on backing up and recovering.  
One final piece of advice:  when you start hitting, aim high as your defensive position requires you to buy time for recovery and use height to clear the net since your weight is going backwards.  

Mcc Palm Desert Trip 2014!

The annual trip to Palm Desert this year was not a disappointment.  The weather, as usual, was incredible.  The hospitality was second to none.  The tennis was sensational.  What more could we ask for!

On Friday night, we were hosted to a potluck dinner by the wonderful Hank & Sandy Abouaf in their home at The Lakes in Palm Desert.  We drank and ate and were merry for hours, seeing friends and family that we had not seen since last year at this time in some cases.

On Saturday, we played tennis at Ironwood Country Club and our teams came out a little ahead with us winning most of the matches and in some cases, mixing around with their players in friendly men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles matches.  As always, Marc Dubois, the Ironwood director was a wonderful host, offering fruit, muffins, and juice to our players in front of their fine pro shop.
Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed cocktails at Nancy & Larry’s new home in the “college” streets of Palm Desert.  The house looked gorgeous.  We then hiked over to The Nest for a rowdy dinner with 25 people in tow and our own private back room at the hottest spot in Indian Wells.  We ate crab cakes, filet mignon, and other goodies while enjoying wine and beer throughout the evening.

Sunday morning, we all dragged ourselves out of bed for more tennis at Woodhaven Country Club.  Leif and Melanie were our tennis hosts, offering up courts for us to compete on.  We played tennis amongst ourselves then went to Maureen and Richard’s home to watch football, talk about our tennis exploits and prepare for the long drive back to the Marina.

All in all, this trip was a blast, with so many different levels of player and personalities, how could anyone not have a good time!!!