Professional men’s tennis season is too long!

Dear ATP Chairman,

When is this going to stop?  When do we finally say that the top players (top 100) should have an off season, just like other major sports?  Having the Masters half-way through November is ridiculous.  The U.S. Open ended on September 13, 2009.  The Masters is over two months removed from the year’s final slam.  Why can’t the Masters be two weeks after the open and then call it a season?  Give Fed and the boys October, November, and December off.  They want it off.  Fed said that he wanted to take the rest of 2009 off after the Open and Davis Cup play so that he’d be better prepared in January for the Australian Open.  The Slams are the most important tournaments, so let’s treat them that way.  The year starts in Australia and ends in New York, with one special week for the Masters.  That’s it.  Who cares about the Paris Open, or whatever it’s called?  Not Federer.  He bowed out in the first round and has never made it past the quarters.  Wonder why…

He wants to be with his family over the holidays like a normal person.  Let him do that.  It will lengthen his career and keep him motivated going into the next season.  The results and matches at the Australian will be more exciting because all the players will be fired up to start again after a healthy and much deserved respite from their vocation.

I beg of you, Mister Chairman, please consider the long-term need to keep our stars from burning out in a sport where they have no teammates to rely on when they are exhausted.  Consider quality over quantity.  Consider making the professional tennis season 9 months instead of an eternity.



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