Cardio Tennis- Great way to get outside and get fit!

Cardio tennis is the treadmill of the future. You get to chase little yellow balls around in the sunshine and get in shape while you do it. If you are interested in getting better at tennis (a side benefit) it also allows you to hone your tennis skills.

Hitting from awkward positions and places while on the move is one of the fastest ways to develop enhanced hand-eye coordination and make normal shots standing still seem like a walk in the park.

My cardio tennis program incorporates a warm-up period of 5 minutes (various running exercises primarily), a drill portion, some game play if the attending players are evenly matched, and a cool down of serving and / or stretching. Obstacles are thrown in such as rope ladders, weaving through cones, and jump rope to create more dynamic movement for a more strenuous workout. Everyone moves at their own pace. We also periodically check your heart rate to be sure that you are not in danger of passing out.

If you want to find a cardio tennis program in your area, go to or send me an email.
View this video to find out the basics of cardio tennis:


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