Federer Gets Tougher Draw…as usual.

Dear Grand Slam Drawers,

What’s the deal?  Why does Nadal get the easier draw almost every time?  Isn’t the #1 player supposed to get the best draw?  Isn’t that a big part of the point when he enters a tournament, that his seeding ensures he will have a tolerable road at least to the quarters?  With 3, yes, 3 former #1 players in his quarter (Moya, Hewitt, and Ferrero), you have to wonder about these supposed draws.  In addition to those formidable athletes, the Australian committee also stuck Verdasco and Soderling in the top half, protecting Nadal from two of his nemeses.  In fact, Soderling has been conspicuously absent from Nadal’s half of grand slams since he pummeled him at the French in June.  Coincidence?  As many a detective has said, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

I know you all want a Federer / Nadal final and you figure that Federer can take care of all the would-be assassins of your dream rivalry, so why not force him to face these foes.  I want good ratings for tennis matches too, after all.  However, in the interest of equity and balanced competition, shouldn’t Federer be given at least an equal shot at continuing to rewrite the record books?  If not for a bout with mono two years ago, he’d probably be entering his 17th final in a row.  He’s always there at the end, but we shouldn’t take that for granted.  He deserves the same consideration as the other players.




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