Planning tournament outing for juniors.

Dear Parents of juniors out there, whether you are a student at my school (Crossroads Middle School), a student at my former school (St. Monica’s High), or just want your child’s first tournament to be supervised by a pro who can help with the jitters and videotape some of their matches, I’m planning a trip in February (Satellite) and April (Novice).  The February tourney will have more experienced players and the April event is for first timers.  First timers are welcome in February, but may find the competition quite stiff.  If, however, you child is not adverse to playing tough players who have experience, then I invite and even recommend they enter every tournament they can.  To enter all tournaments you must join the usta. Just go to to sign up.  The cost is minimal and you get a free subscription to tennis magazine when you join.  These tournaments take kids from ages 8-18, boys and girls.  Thanks for your interest.


2 thoughts on “Planning tournament outing for juniors.

  1. Chris Louis says:

    Hi Gene,

    I think that is such a fantastic idea on what you are offering. I will definitely pass this on to a few of my kids who are ready to compete in tournaments. Good luck and congrats on the blogging. Chris Louis

    • problemsolvergene says:

      Thanks so much. I’m thrilled to offer this opportunity and any parents you know who want their kids to come, please don’t hesitate to pass my information on to them, or better yet, have them look at the blog! Let them know I’ll need their usta member number to sign the kids up. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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