Fed and Henin in another Grand Slam Final.

Federer and Henin showed towering confidence and front-running ability in their respective semis at the Australian Open, making strong runs into the final. Henin had one of the most dominant semis I’ve seen in years, beating Zheng 6-1,6-0, reminiscent of Graf’s beating of Natasha Zvereva in the 1988 French final. Federer took care of Tsonga 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, reminiscent of many semi-finals Federer has played against many a top 10 player throughout his career. Gilbert favors Murray in the final and says Fed and Murray are even on “intangibles.” What a knucklehead! Murray just made his 2nd major final, Fed’s in his 22nd…intangibles…doesn’t experience count in that department? How could Andy Murray (regardless of whether he wins this match) be said to have intangibles matching the greatest player ever? Sorry, Brad, try again. We know you don’t like Federer, but he’s earned a little more respect than that!


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