Open Letter to Tennis Tournaments & The ATP: Stop Protecting Nadal!

Rafael Nadal

It is this writer’s opinion looking at this latest Grand Slam draw, I can no longer remain silent on this issue:  the Men’s Tennis Tour is protecting Rafael Nadal from anyone who’s beaten him (mainly Robin Soderling) in recent memory.  In addition, these tournaments put all the hottest players on Federer’s side of the draw, always opposite Nadal.

Take a look for yourself.  At this 2010 French Open, Ernests Gulbis, Albert Montanes, and others who have had good clay results this year and in the past, were dumped on Fed.

Why?  To make sure Nadal gets to the final so that the tournament gets the banner ratings garnered by Federer vs Nadal.  Federer is sure to beat everyone else in the world and Nadal is only sure to beat Federer, as we saw last year when Soderling took the Clay King out in four brutal sets.

Nadal consistently gets easier draws than Roger, and it’s difficult to understand why unless this is going on.  The number one seed should get the best draw (see the NBA Finals), but consistently, Federer gets all the most difficult players outside the top ten and the hottest players on tour.  Federer will play last year’s finalist, Robin Soderling, in the quarters.  The Quarters!  Since last year’s French upset for the ages, Soderling, has had to play Federer in every slam, which sucks for Soderling too.  He could be as high as number four in the world if he’d been opposite Fed in some of those slams.

So, I’m requesting that the ATP or ITF or whoever does these draws that they make them truly “draws” with some sort of “pull players out of a hat” mentality, aside from high seeds who have to be put on opposite sides…


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