Cardio Tennis July 26, 2010, 9-10am at Marina City Club

We have Cardio Tennis going today, Monday, 9-10am here at the beautiful Marina City Club in Marina del Rey, CA. Court 4 is the location and pumping the heart the the situation. We are going to be playing music from a rock / pop cardio cd to create a fun atmosphere and get everyone in a rhythm. We will run 4-6 drills that will incorporate every stroke with movement and obstacles (ladder, cones, and caution tape) for a dynamic workout.
We will warm up with 3 laps around the court, dynamic stretching (no static stretching before playing) like arm circles and waist twists. We then go into drills for the forehand and backhand with cone movement. Volleys are next. Then, we incorporate all the strokes and add caution tape for good measure. Some jumping jacks and lunges between hits also make this class exciting.
We will monitor our heartrate 2-3 times per class to see that all participants get cardio benefit.
Finally, we cool down with serves and use our rackets to help stretch and dissipate waste from our muscles so we don’t get sore.
Come try it for $15 / person, it’s a hell of a workout!


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