Neurofeedback and Spacial Recognition

This is a personal story about my recent results of my Neurofeedback training…a peak performance technology based program that can improve spacial recognition in athletes, resulting in better performance.  Quite simply, I do neurofeedback on myself and other athletes who want to improve focus, performance anxiety, staying relaxed under pressure, and being able to control their bodies even better.  You may visit my brother website,, for more info on this amazing training.  The hardest part is showing up consistently.  I even have a video that explains how it works in simple language.

What I have noticed recently in my teaching and hitting is that my awareness of the racket head and my position with respect to the tennis ball has markedly improved.  Granted, I am not conducting a “controlled experiment” but I know something has changed and my training has not changed except that I am doing neurofeedback more consistently now.  I’m striking the ball in the sweet spot more regularly and my shots feel amazing, even when I miss.  If you want to improve your mental game in a holistic fashion, I recommend you find a neurofeedback technician / therapist in your area and try it for a minimum of 20 sessions, which will cost between $2000-$3000 dollars, but might make the changes you’ve struggled with in your game much more achievable in a shorter amount of time.


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