Australian Open 2011!!!!

The Australian Open, arguably the most player-friendly slam begins on Sunday January 16th (tomorrow as I write this) at 4:00 PM PST, or 11:00 AM in Aussie-land.  Rafael Nadal will begin his quest to achieve a Rafa Slam, hoping to match Serena Williams’ effort starting with the 2002 French Open and ending with the 2003 Australian Open, then dubbing it the “Serena Slam.”  It is not a Grand Slam, because that feat must be achieved in a calender year. Unfortunately, due to a foot injury that still seems to defy logic, Serena will miss another grand slam event.

More impressive is the “Martina Slam” by Ms. Navratilova, starting with the 1983 Wimbledon crown and extending for six consecutive slams through the 1984 U.S. Open.  If the tournaments were scheduled as they are now, Martina would have won the calender year Grand Slam, however, at that time the Aussie Open ended the season and the French was the first slam of the year!

On the women’s side, Venus, Justin Henin, Clijsters, and Caroline Wozniacki, must be considered the favorites, with Sam Stosur, the Australian native, and her monster serve, as a nice dark horse.

Enjoy the Australian Open for a fortnight (2 weeks) on the Tennis Channel and ESPN 2.


One thought on “Australian Open 2011!!!!

  1. CJ says:

    Clijsters is the heavily picked favorite, so I think Justine’s going to sneak in. And I think Federer’s been smart to play all these warm-up exhibitions with Nadal, who is still recovering from his “cold.”

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