Donald Young Gets Tennis’ Attention: The Wrong Kind

Donald Young, once believed to be a sure-fire American tennis comer, wrote a hasty tweet yesterday, attacking the USTA after failing to qualify for the French Open.  Young has wallowed in wild-card obscurity for years on the ATP Tour as his parents and the USTA have bickered over how to properly train the lad, according to an ESPN report.

Young seems ungrateful for the help that the United States Tennis Association has provided, including training advice, grant money, and wild card entries into the U.S. Open.  Despite all the help, Young just recently broke into the top hundred on the computer.  Ever since John McEnroe said Young has the best hands I’ve seen, since me, Young has felt the pressure perform.  He’s had long winless periods on tour after being one of the world’s best juniors.  This commentator believes that Young’s shortcomings as a pro are due to his not having a clear weapon to build his game around.

Of course, at age 21, Young still has time to improve and possibly break out of his mediocrity, however, he’s been on tour a long time with only one really impressive result, a recent win over world #4, Andy Murray.

Young later apologized and shut down his twitter feed.


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