Marina City Club “Ringer” Tennis Tournament 2011

On June 11-12, 2011, we played the annual MCC “Ringer” Tennis Tournament on our newly resurfaced courts at the Marina City Club in Marina del Rey, California.  This year featured a wonderful Saturday barbeque, breakfast bagels, juice, coffee, beer, wine, and soft drinks, as well as the traditional Sunday noon final followed by sandwiches, cookies, and slaw, courtesy of the MCC Restaurant staff.

The finals of the Championship Division featured the 2010 defending champions, Nancy Closson and Jacek Twarowski versus Joan Hall and Kent Seton.  The match started slightly late because Nancy and Jacek had their semifinal against Linda Lockard and Bendan Duda, “go the distance,” playing two tie-breakers for the first two sets and then winning 10-3 in the third set match tiebreak.  Once we got going, Kent and Joan sought to impose themselves on Jacek and Nancy who were a little winded from their prior match which ended less than an hour before the final.  Kent and Joan went up a break at 4-2 and held it to finish the set 6-3.  The second set started with some long points and exciting shots for the thirty spectators, but Kent’s overhead and Joan’s serve were too much in the end, as they broke twice to win the second set and the match 6-2.  The match was very exciting and all the players enjoyed the tennis.

In the Gold Division, this year’s men’s doubles champion, Stephen Hall, teamed with Kristen Jordan, fought through a tough field and win the final over Donna Leventhal and Loic Bailly 6-4, 6-2.  Some amazing points were played and both teams acquitted themselves well.

I hope that all the players and ringers enjoyed the tennis by the beach and will start thinking about who they can befriend now for next year’s ringer!


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