Women’s League Doubles Tennis Tactics

The middle of the court needs to be shown its due respect, especially in women’s league doubles at the B2-A2 levels.  Great success can be had for players who exploit the middle of the court.  As the defenders of the middle, you want to force your opponents to hit to the outside (the “alleys”).

There are three ways to miss a shot in tennis:  long, wide, or in the net.  If you go down the middle, you eliminate one of those possibilities, thus reducing your chances of missing by 33%.  You read right, 33%, which is the very definition of percentage tennis.

In your next match, go to the middle until your opponents cover it, then you’ll have more room to hit the outside.  If your opponents are covering the middle effectively, then aim for the middle, but to the backhand side of the middle.  On easier shots, go to the outside repeatedly until they start leaning that way, then the middle will open up.  If given a choice, choose to go to the backhand player’s outside unless they are one of the small percentage who prefer the backhand.

Remember, attack the middle until your adversaries cover, then pull them apart by going outside on easier ones until the middle opens again as they try to cover the alleys.

Women's doubles


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