Andy Roddick Acts Like Jerk in U.S. Open Post-Match on ESPN

Andy Roddick won his U.S. Open match tonight, but acted like a jerk in his post-match interview.  He commented that being a tennis analyst is the easiest job in the world and that he’d be great at it.  He did not smile and not back down when Chris Fowler tried to appease him.  He had a stern, arrogant look on his face.  There have often been rumors among fans and players that Roddick is one of the most haughty players on tour.  This interview seemed to confirm that attitude.  In the future, he should show more humility and be grateful for the wonderful life he’s enjoyed because of television broadcasting, fans, and yes, even tennis commentators, who, while annoying in many cases, do their best to make the sport more interesting.  Attacking them for doing their job does nothing to improve the sport and certainly made Roddick look less rootable for American fans, who need someone, anyone, to root for these days.  We don’t need more of the world getting a bad image of our country because our athletes are poor ambassadors.  Buck up little Roddick, New Yorkers will still pull for you, but you definitely lost a few admirers tonight on espn.


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