Mcc Women’s Doubles Tournament 2012

On July 7th we held the Mcc Women’s Doubles Round-Robin Tournament. In an effort to get more players involved, we took a great idea from Julie Wamsley, our tennis club council representative, and paired an “A” player with a “B” player. The teams were composed of many members who had never met each other, much less played tennis as a doubles team. This created a new and exciting dimension to this year’s event. Mcc gathered 22 women, the most participants in a women’s tournament our club has enjoyed in many years.
Everyone enjoyed playing a round-robin format, where all 11 teams played each other for either 4 or 5 games per round. At the end of the tournament, everyone pulled out the dishes they agreed to bring for our potluck, as organized by Joan Hall. There were delicious desserts, salads, beans, chips, beer, wine, and Gene did his usual tournament barbeque for the players and spectators to feast on.
Margaret helped organize the barbeque and keep the players going to the correct courts. In the end, no champion was named as all involved agreed that the sportsmanship, new friends, and filled bellies were the most important aspects of the beautiful day. Whoever didn’t get a chance to participate or watch this year, please mark the women’s doubles tournament on your 2013 calendar as a highlight event here at Mcc.


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