Zen and the Art of Tennis

Sometimes you can get too caught up in working on your technique. You’ll work, and work, and work, but things will seem to get worse, and worse, and worse. This is when you need to take a step back and simplify your focus. Pick something very simple and just do that. For example, breathe out every time you strike the ball (Jacek reminded me of this one recently), widen your stance for better balance, or sing a song for rhythm. These fundamental and most importantly, simple tasks will take you out of your head and plant you where you belong, in your gut. Trust that the work you did over the weeks of frustration will be there and just let go of your inner critic. Trust that all those hours on the court will translate into better technique without thinking about it. Let go, and it will be there if you’ve really worked on it. Then, just breathe.


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