USPTR Conference for Tennis Directors a Success!

I just attended the First PTR Tennis Directors Conference, Oct. 16-18, 2012 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  The conference provided a forum for tennis directors from around the U.S. and Canada to jostle themselves out of any lethargy in the running of their clubs with new ideas discussed in round-table discussions.  It also featured some great speakers like Fernando Velasco, Simon Gale, and Jorge Capestany.  I also met some of the leaders in the USTA player development and as you can see in the picture below, hung out with Dan Santorum, Dennis Van der Meer’s CEO at the PTR.  All of this translated into new ideas and better ways to run the Marina City Club.  One example is that I plan to ask my members for their opinions even more frequently in the months and years ahead so I can make our club the best on the west side of Los Angeles!

Dan & Gene in Hilton Head at PTR Conference 2012


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