Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2012: Oh, What a Night!

Early December back in 2012, what a very special night we had in the Marina City Club Galaxy Room!  I knew almost everyone’s names and love that not everyone would be the same.  What a party!  What a night!

                The festivities started and 7pm and before I knew it, it was 10:07pm and the wait staff was clearing our desert plates.  Somewhere around ninety people filled the Galaxy Room with holiday cheer and red sweaters.  Sandy Abouaf celebrated her 75th birthday with a beautiful cake and a rousing speech by Hank.  Don Mantarro acted as master of ceremonies, awarding a dinner for four to Lilly and a crazy motorcycle helmet that also makes coffee to Richard Reinjohn.  That coffee maker will reside in the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce, no doubt a conversation piece for life.  Everyone thanked everyone else for being wonderful players, sports, and most importantly friends.

                A can of tennis balls were awarded in 4 categories.  Best Dressed:  Richard Reinjohn and Joanie Stewart, Most Improved:  Lorri Mandekic and Marv Benson, Best Player:  Leslie Howard and Carlos Dunkerly, and Sportsmanship:  Barbara Osborn and Adam Kaufman.  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for your nominations.

                Thanks for another great season of tennis memories.  We hope to have the same fun atmosphere for Mcc Tennis in 2013!


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