Gene’s Tennis Tip of the Month: “Move Your Feet”

It is an age old tennis adage. You go over it again and again like the atom-thin rug in the work station in your garage. It’s stained with shavings and oil from all the projects you’ve done while stand on it. It is so familiar that you repeat it, but do not really hear what it’s telling you: MOVE YOUR FEET! Hear it and believe it. If you are not in position, standing as still as possible, balanced, and rhythmic, then you can count on missing a lot of shots on the tennis court. You yell it again: “Darn it, move your feet!” Let me suggest a more specific instruction: take at least 8 steps between every shot you hit. If you are ambitious, take 12, and call me in the morning. I guarantee you do that for 1 hour and you will probably feel it in your hips the next day, but you will also marvel at how much longer you can keep a rally going, absorb power, place the ball, and generate power. Yes, all of these things can be yours for the price of 8-12 steps. Let me also mention that the smaller steps help…especially when you get closer to the ball. Do not worry about where to step, just make them add up to 8-12. Squeak your sneaks, that will be the sound your opponent will come to dread.


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