Gene’s Tip of the Month: July 2013

Wait with your weight.  I was talking to a client who is a fan of baseball and we spoke about Chris Davis, the slugger for the Orioles, who at the time of this writing leads the league with 20 home runs.  We talked about keeping your hands back and waiting the ball into the strike zone before pouncing on it.

The same rules apply on the tennis court.  Many tennis players, myself included, pop out of the blocks too soon and wind up pulling balls wide or into the net because we cannot wait to hit the ball.  We rush because we feel the pressure and anxiety of the match and our opponent’s recovery from a compromised position on the court.  As a tennis player, it is imperative that you wait until the right moment to push out of the heel of your loaded leg (for a right-hander, the right leg on the forehand side), releasing the pent up energy into the shot at just the right moment.  This is what many players refer to as timing.  However, to correct timing issues, we must give deeper thought to what timing refers to and what we can do to correct it when it disappears.  I tell myself, “You have lots of time, wait with your weight back until the ball arrives or you arrive at the ball.”  This often relaxes me, and gives me a better sense of control.  I lose the sense of being rushed.  Keep your weight loaded on the back leg longer, with your racket (aka hand) prepared to swing) then release it in a wave of power, you’ll see your timing and your shot take off like a rocket!


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