2013 Bring-A-Ringer Marina City Club Tennis Tournament Recap

The Bring-A-Ringer tournament was held on June 22nd.  We had 12 teams participate in the event in a round robin format in the morning, followed by full matches in the afternoon.  The position the teams finished in was determined by the total number of games won.  Each team was assigned to the Silver or Gold Division.  At the conclusion of the round robin, we had finalists, teams battling for third place and teams battling for fifth place in their respective divisions.  The finalists in the Gold Division were Linda Lockard / Drew Hoskins, who came in first after the round robin, versus Nancy Closson / Jacek Twarowski, the second place team.  In the Silver Divison, the finalists were the round robin first place team of Marcin Kosakowski / Denise Sanchez against the second place team of Carlos Dunkerly / Janet Kolbu.

Drew and Linda were enjoying their first time in the Ringer, sweeping through to the final with strong showings against all the Gold teams.  Jacek and Nancy put up a valiant fight in an exciting final, that they’ve been in three years running.  The match started with some heated exchanges at the net as the crowd of sixty spectators oohed and ahhed.  Jacek brought his patented kick serve and Drew used heavy topspin, speed and great consistency to create openings.  Linda and Nancy both showed why they are two of the best players at our club.  Aggressive play and amazingly consistent returns against the men’s big serves netted them many points.  The first set was very tight to 3-3, when Drew and Linda managed to hold Linda’s serve, secure a break of serve, then hold serve when Drew had ball in hand.  The score was 6-3.  The second set was a much tighter affair with small ebbs and flows favoring one team or the other as pressure mounted.  At 5-4, Jacek and Nancy were ready to serve out the set.  Jacek served well, placing serves to Linda and Drew’s backhands, but Linda had other ideas. On the deuce side, she showed great fortitude, returning from shoulder height to Jacek’s feet repeatedly, challenging the big guy.  After many long points and deuces, the break was secured as Drew dropped another shot at Nancy’s feet with too much topspin to handle.  The set was leveled at 5-5 and the momentum shifted.  Again, Linda served well to hold and now Nancy had to hold for the tiebreak.  It was not to be.  Drew and Linda returned exceptionally and after facing down set point in the tenth game, they broke to win the match in an hour and forty minutes as the crowd of 60 members and residents cheered on the hard fought match.

In the Silver Division, Janet and Carlos were a last minute team who replaced a withdrawl.  They played amazingly well together for their first time.  Denise and Marcin were a formidable team, with Marcin having enjoyed a world ranking in doubles, as well as having played division 1 college tennis and Denise being a tough competitor who never backs down from a challenge.  Denise and Marcin (“Team Marsan”) were able to continuously put pressure on Carlos and Janet, as Marcin closed in for put-aways at the net and Denise remained consistent.  Janet and Carlos extended games, as Carlos scrambled, using his heavy topspin while Janet showed consistent power.  Many games were close, however, Marcin and Denise prevailed on court #2 in fine fashion with a 6-3, 6-1.

All the teams were well matched with many round robin matches ending at 3-3 or 4-2.  In the Silver Division, the third place teams had to play an extra tiebreaker to decide who finished in that spot because the total games came up tied and their head-to-head match also came out at 3-3.  Very exciting matches all around for spectators and players.

The Marina City Club tennis program would like to give special thanks to the sponsors of our Ringer Tournament 2013:  Killer Shrimp and the manager Brett Doherty located just west of Mcc on Admiralty Way, provided generous gift cards and drink certificates.  The Marina City Club Restaurant and especially Candace Miller, Restaurant Manager provided dinners for 2 to winning and runner-up teams.  Also, for the first time, prize money was awarded to the winning duo in the Gold Division of $100.

As always, there was a well-attended barbeque that was provided by the tennis staff and generous volunteers like Don Mantarro, Julie Wamsley, Richard Reinjohn, Tony and Lorri Mandekic, and other tennis committee and members who help throughout the year at every event to make this a great club socially and competitively.  Please come out and enjoy the barbeque or better yet sign up for the next event on our tennis calendar!


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