Gene’s Tip of the Month: Recover, Recover, Recover!

In tennis, what you do between shots is just as important as hitting the ball, but this vital fact is often overlooked, even by good players.
I’ve been noticing that many players have difficulty getting ready for the next shot. One of the biggest things tennis players can do is immediately start moving their feet again and squaring their shoulders to the net after each shot. Whether it is a high quality shot, or a weak reply, always assume your shot is going in, and always assume no matter how good your shot is, that your opponent will get it back. If you stick to this rule, you will always be getting prepared and forget about watching your good shot. That’s right, when you are out on that court playing, you are not a spectator, you are a participant. You cannot admire your shot, you must get ready for the next one. That means, as soon as you’ve finished your follow-through, you must shuffle back to the middle of the court and start moving your feet. If you are at the net, keep your volleys compact. The reason is two-fold. If you take a big swing at the volley, you cannot get the racket up and ready again if your opponent hits it back quickly. By the time you follow through on that swinging shot, the ball has come back and you are getting hit in the chest or shanking the ball because your racket was way out of position. Tell yourself: “GET READY, IT’S COMING BACK!” after every shot you hit and you will recover.
Remember in tennis you must recover, or die.


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