Gene’s Tip of the Month: Power to the Serve

Start here for a more powerful tennis serve

Start here for a more powerful tennis serve

I must credit the great Rick Macci with this latest tip.  I watched Rick’s uspta video series on The Tennis Channel and his section on the serve was illuminating.  Having a more powerful service motion is one of the holy grails to the recreational tennis player.  Rick shows how later preparation with the tennis racket equals more power.  I was taught the “back-scratch” serve, but now players hit with a built-in hitch to delay release of the power by holding the racket forward longer and cocking the wrist toward the net.  Then, as your legs bend, the racket releases from this cocked position all at once, dropping into the back and coming up in perfect timing with the leg-thrust.  The legs and core provide the additional power that is lost if the racket enters the back-scratch position too soon.  Look at Nadal or Roddick’s motion to get a good idea of the cocked wrist action I’m speaking about.  Rick recommends that you start with the arm at shoulder height with the wrist cocked forward, then bend the legs, drop the racket and go with all you’ve got as the best way to instill this later release of energy into your service motion.  Once you’ve gotten the feel for it, try adding this tasty morsel to your existing service motion for added zip.


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