Gene’s Tennis Tip: Women’s Doubles

As the women’s tennis doubles league season kicks off, I’d like to offer some early-mid season advice for our doubles players here at Mcc.  I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating, COME TO THE NET.  Keep coming to the net every chance you get. Come in behind your serve, first and second.  Come in behind your second serve return.  Come in behind any ball that lands in front of the service line or does not have any pace on it.  Come in behind lobs you hit over your opponent’s heads.  Come in behind floaters in the mid-court that you can take out of the air with a swinging volley or just a solid traditional volley.  Come to the net.  You will get passed.  You will get lobbed.  Play the percentages and keep coming in until you are comfortable and read shots like lobs and passing shots instinctively, then you will get passed less and will cover the lob better.  Take options away from your opponents and force them to hit the ball low at your feet or very high over your head.  This will draw what looks like unforced errors, but in fact are errors forced by your aggressive net play.  Do not let one bad point or one bad game or even one bad match deter you from your stated goal:  control the point.  Win or lose on your terms.  Take control of your destiny.


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