The Gerry Ramirez Tennis Invitational 2013: USC vs. UCLA

Ten teams turned up on the Marina City Club tennis courts for this year Gerry Ramirez Invitational.  Five played for the blue and five for the red.  Marina del Rey provided beautiful weather.  The matches were contentious; more contentious than the football game the following week, but predictive of that game’s outcome.

USC started strong with an early victory on court #1 by Jacquie Stultz and Bob Becker.  That win was accentuated by another victory for USC on court #6 by Carlos Dunkerly and Barbara Fier.  With a commanding 2-0 lead, only one triumph stood between USC and ultimate glory!  However, the Bruins had their furry backs against the Coliseum wall, and there is nothing more terrifying than a bear with her claws out and nothing to lose.  With a slash from her massive paws, the Bruin damaged the Trojan’s mighty armor with a win by Gene Desrochers and Gail Haller on Court #3.  Then came another swipe that drew a little blood, when Mike Skolnik and Herman Jordan stole a win on Court #5.  There was one match still going.  All the players watched, cheering their school.  In the end, Hank Abouaf and Lucy Walker pulled out a long, difficult victory to seal the deal for the BRUINS, as the mighty Trojan warrior tumbled to the court, defeated!  Gerry would not have been happy, but he would have been a good sport and would have enjoyed the post-match beer and banter.  This one is for you, Gerry, thanks for all the great memories!  We miss you.


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