Gene’s Tennis Tip of the Month (Jan. 2014):

Gene TennisHappy New Year my giddy tennis compatriots!  It is that time when we resolve to make changes for the better.  I was having a chat with Tyrone, one of our wonderful personal trainers, and we were marveling at the massive impact the basic things can have on athletic performance.  For most of us tennis players, that starts with our feet.  My tip for this year is simple:  resolve to do something simple (usually calisthenics) that will “activate” (Tyrone’s vocabulary) your legs when the moment of truth arrives.  That moment of truth is in the heat of a third set match that you can win, but you lose because you won’t run down that extra ball because your legs are weary.  You don’t even have to enter a gym to do these simple, yet very effective exercises:  jump rope (100-300 reps. 3x / week), wind sprints (doubles sideline to doubles sideline 4x for 3 sets twice a week), or lunges (consult a trainer on proper technique and quantity).  Do all three, or pick one and do it religiously for six months, gradually increasing your work load, then see what happens in that third set.


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