2014 Mcc Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament

Mixed Dubs Gang 2014The mixed doubles tennis tournament at mcc was fabulous this year!  We had eight teams competing in the Gold Division and 2 in the Silver Division.  New members, Jon Dennis and Kristen Marquis won out over long time members and tough partners, John McIntyre and Ellen Travis, 6-1, 6-3 in a fun match on court number 3.

Silver Champs Jon Dennis & Kristen Marquis

Silver Champs Jon Dennis & Kristen Marquis

Silver Finalists John McIntyre & Ellen Travis

The Gold Division had the defending champs, Nancy Closson and Mike Levitt at the top of the draw and Joan and Stephen Hall at the bottom.  We featured a double-elimination draw that was completed in one day!  Joan and Stephen got through Jim Richards and Lucy Walker in the first round, then fought out a tough match with Carlos Dunkerly and Donna Leventhal in the semis.  Big hitting by the men and consistency by the women made this match contentious, but again the Halls prevailed.  In the top half, Mike and Nancy played Marva and Bill Baumgart in a very tight set 6-4.  Next they competed with Maryella and Bill Pegnato.  Nancy and Mike pulled that one out 6-2, but the points were good.  In the last main draw match, Nancy and Mike edged the Halls, 7-5.
In the back draw, the Baumgarts played great to get through their first match against Marv Benson and Linda de Villers before succumbing to Carlos and Donna, 6-3.  Lucy and Jim beat out Mike Skolnik and Sheelagh Boyd to play the Pegnatos, but Bill and Maryella proved too much as they went through 6-1.  The Pegnatos battled it out against Carlos and Donna for the right to play the single-loss Halls.  In the end, Carlos and Donna got to the back-draw finals 6-4 over Bill and Maryella, 6-4.  Stephen and Joan were determined to have a rematch with Mike and Nancy, as they struggled through a very game team in Donna and Carlos, 7-5.
The finals were amazing!  Mike and Nancy started out ice-cold and the Halls took advantage, winning 9 of the first 10 games in the match for a 6-1, 3-0 lead.  Nancy and Mike kept egging each other on to stay strong and focused in the face of the excellent play of Joan and Stephen’s monster serve.  Slowly, the ship turned as Mike and Nancy kept shot after shot in play and forced errors from the slightly pressing Halls.  They evened the set at 4-4, then momentum shifted as they closed out the set with a strong hold by Mike.  The final set was decided by a ten-point tiebreaker.  It went back and forth with long rallies and careful lobs before someone would attempt an offensive shot only to have it thwarted by the speedy footwork of Mike or Joan or the quick hands of Stephen or Nancy.  Finally, the score arrived at 9-9.  The players were tense and again, careful, high percentage tennis prevailed as Mike snuck a lob over Joan’s head and then forced a net cord error, to end the match 11-9 in the tiebreaker.  Scintillating tennis on a gorgeous afternoon with 40 mcc spectators watching and enjoying barbeque at court #1 ended with another classic final, 1-6, 6-4, 11-9 as Mike and Nancy won for a third straight year!

Levitt-Closson edged Hall-Hall in the finals

Levitt-Closson edged Hall-Hall in the finals


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