Mcc Men’s Doubles Tournament 2014

The Marina City Club tennis program has shortened most of our tournaments to one-day events in an effort to garner more participation.  The men’s doubles championships were held on May 17 with a double-elimination format that played out over one day.  Eight teams entered and every team featured determined players.
In the first round, defending champ, Carlos Dunkerly, teamed with Gavin Troster to fight off Jim Bisch and Arnie Lessing.  Brandon Boyce and fiancée Danielle Nelson got edged out by Rich Kahn and Mike Skolnik on court 2.  Marv Benson and Jim Richards managed to oust Ron Hirji and Ted Giattina.  In the most compelling first round match-up, Brian Condon and Lamont Cosby played aggressive doubles and outlasted a tough team in Jerry Tarlow and Allan Bledstein.
In the next round Carlos and Gavin again prevailed as did Brian and Lamont, setting up a tough match of the undefeated teams to go to the finals.  Carlos and Gavin played consistent, percentage tennis to win 6-1 and arrive in the finals without a loss.
In the back draw with teams with one loss, Lamont and Brian had to once again challenge Jerry and Allan to see which team would meet Carlos and Gavin in the finals.  This time, the match was even tighter with firm volleys and well-placed serves forcing the issue.  In the end, Lamont and Brian prevailed again in a very tough set, 7-5.  The finals were set.
Carlos and Gavin had scoped out the potential opponents and liked the hard-fought nature of the set for two reasons:  good tennis and their opponents were a little more tired for it.  As the final started, the teams were feeling each other out.  Everyone held serve until 2-2 when, after some long points, Lamont and Brian blinked and Carlos and Gavin were there to take advantage of a couple errors on serve.  Suddenly, the first set was over 6-2.DSCN1671
Brian and Lamont regrouped and played strong again at the start of the second set, but once again, a couple points swung momentum to Carlos and Gavin.  With an early break lead at 3-1, they held serve and put the pressure squarely on Brian and Lamont.  They held and kept it within a break until 4-2, when they broke again.  Carlos served for the match at 5-2 and closed it out with strong kickers, drawing return errors and setting Gavin up for put-aways as the match ended 6-2, 6-2, in a hard-fought battle.
Congrats to the champs, Carlos Dunkerly and Gavin Troster, our 2014 Mcc Men’s Doubles Champs.  Thanks to all the wonderful and brave participants who honed their tennis skills to the sharpening steel of pressure tournament play.  Thanks to all those who came out to support the players and promote our tennis program here at Mcc!  Come out and play in our Bring-A-Ringer on June 21st.


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