Pickleball at Mcc

Pickleball is a fun sport played on a paddle tennis court with a horizontal line 7 feet from the net called “The Kitchen.”  You may not volley when your feet are in the kitchen.  You serve underhanded with no bounce.  You only get one serve.  The serving team must let the ball bounce on the return, then after that everyone my hit groundies or volleys except in the kitchen.  You only win points on your team’s serve and it is played to eleven, win by two.  Pickleball uses a small paddle and a thick whiffle ball.

Pickleball Clinic at Marina City Club

Pickleball Clinic at Marina City Club

Jim Ach, from our neighboring California Yacht Club, volunteered to come over and introduce the sport to our members on Wednesday September third.  Seven of our members turned out and had a great time trying the new sport that is reputed to help your reaction time, coordination, and improve your volley for the next time you’re on the tennis court!  It is easy on the arm because the ball weighs so much less than a tennis ball and a match is very quick.  Keep an eye on your email inbox and get on Gene’s tennis email list if you want to be apprised of other upcoming tennis / paddle tennis / pickleball events.  We plan on having another Pickleball event in October!



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