Mcc Palm Desert Trip 2014!

The annual trip to Palm Desert this year was not a disappointment.  The weather, as usual, was incredible.  The hospitality was second to none.  The tennis was sensational.  What more could we ask for!

On Friday night, we were hosted to a potluck dinner by the wonderful Hank & Sandy Abouaf in their home at The Lakes in Palm Desert.  We drank and ate and were merry for hours, seeing friends and family that we had not seen since last year at this time in some cases.

On Saturday, we played tennis at Ironwood Country Club and our teams came out a little ahead with us winning most of the matches and in some cases, mixing around with their players in friendly men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles matches.  As always, Marc Dubois, the Ironwood director was a wonderful host, offering fruit, muffins, and juice to our players in front of their fine pro shop.
Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed cocktails at Nancy & Larry’s new home in the “college” streets of Palm Desert.  The house looked gorgeous.  We then hiked over to The Nest for a rowdy dinner with 25 people in tow and our own private back room at the hottest spot in Indian Wells.  We ate crab cakes, filet mignon, and other goodies while enjoying wine and beer throughout the evening.

Sunday morning, we all dragged ourselves out of bed for more tennis at Woodhaven Country Club.  Leif and Melanie were our tennis hosts, offering up courts for us to compete on.  We played tennis amongst ourselves then went to Maureen and Richard’s home to watch football, talk about our tennis exploits and prepare for the long drive back to the Marina.

All in all, this trip was a blast, with so many different levels of player and personalities, how could anyone not have a good time!!!


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