Gene’s Tennis Tip of the Month: January 2015

Welcome to the first tip of 2015!

As 2015 begins, this is a good time to review your tennis year.  Consider where you started the year and where you ended.  Are your strokes better, worse or the same?  Are you physically stronger, weaker, or the same?  Is your movement better or worse?  What about your attitude / mental approach?  Most of the time, these areas of your game can be improved, but you need to have a starting point to recognize the improvement.  Sometimes, one of these areas is far more developed than the others, in which case, you might want to work on getting your weaker areas caught up to your strengths.  For example, if you are a great mover, but all you do is bunt the ball back when you get there, perhaps you would consider spending less time on movement in 2015, and more time improving your power either by getting equipment that creates power for you, working on your core conditioning, or generating more racket-head speed.  Pick one of these things (they sometimes overlap as you may need a stronger core to generate more racket-head speed) that will seal up a hole in your game over the next year, then you are more likely to see improvement when you review 2015 next December.  If you do not consider these things, then realize that you might be spending time on the same things and in the end not getting much bang for your efforts.

You might also pick a particular stroke or decide that you need to drill more on the ball machine.  In that case, set a goal for how many balls you want to hit out of the ball machine over the next year versus how many matches you play.  Some players have the opposite problem:  all they do is drill and they are terrified of playing matches.  Then set a goal for playing a certain number of matches over the next year to give yourself a chance to get used to dealing with the completely different mental stresses that matches put on a player no matter how good their strokes are.  Whatever you decide, make the goal realistic that way you are likely to feel successful and might even discover you like doing the previously scary activity.  I would love to hear some of your goals and progress through the year, so please feel free to email me at with any stories and plans for your tennis game in 2015.  I will even share them on our Facebook page if you say it’s okay.  Good luck and see you on the courts in 2015!


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