Mcc Continues Junior Play Days in 2015

The Marina City Club has now run junior play days for four years running with three to four of these low cost events that allow our junior tennis players to meet other juniors and learn the benefits of the sport of a lifetime.  The latest junior play day had all three of our resident pros coaching different levels and ages.

Junior Tennis Play Day

Junior Tennis Play Day

In the Under 8 group, we only had one student, Maddie.  For $5, Maddie enjoyed an hour long introduction to tennis by the wonderful Georgie Dinham.  Using the red balls, which are designed for a 36′ court and bounces at 25% of a regular tennis ball, Maddie was able to start making contact in her strike zone on her very first trip to the tennis courts!

In the 9-11 age group, we had 6  players on court 5 using the orange balls.  These balls are for a 60′ court and bounce at 50% of a regular ball.  We played various doubles and triples games to ten points, with the kids working on strokes and sportsmanship throughout.

In addition, Gene brought some of the 9-11 players onto court 6 to play singles against each other.  They learned how to keep score and the basic rules of a regular tennis match.  Getting the serves in and learning that love means nothing to a tennis player were the biggest challenges of the day, but eventually everyone understood how a singles match works.

We will have more Junior Play Days throughout the year, so keep your eyes open or get on the tennis email list to make sure you know about these events in advance.  To get on the list, email Gene at<>


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