Valentine’s Day Mixed Doubles!


Don, Vicki, Marv, Jim, Hillary, & Jim

Couples came out this year for our annual mixed doubles valentine’s day tournament social.  We had all six courts rocking with fun players mixing it up in our Hugs (7.0+) and Kisses (7.0-) divisions.

The whole Valentine's Day gang at the Mcc Tennis Desk.

The whole Valentine’s Day gang at the Mcc Tennis Desk.


Lori, Marshall, Libby, & Tony

Teams played four rounds of round robin tennis, with six no-ad games per round.  In the end, there was a three-way tie (get your mind out of the gutter) in the Kisses division.  The players were so excited that they set up matches for the following weekend to decide the winner.  In the Hugs category, Sheelagh and Marv edged out Brandon and Danielle for the “title.”  In the end, the scores mattered little and most players did not even ask who won as this was a fun, social event with many players making new Mcc friends on the tennis court.


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