Morgan Run Tennis Resort Trip 2015

We went to Morgan Run Resort this year to try something new.  Morgan Run is a golf & tennis resort located in Rancho Santa Fe, northeast of San Diego.  The weather was lovely, always between 60 & 80 degrees.  The place is named Whispering Pines for the cool breezes.

Karin, Dave, Jeff, Marva, & Bill

Karin, Dave, Jeff, Marva, & Bill

Club members arrived on Friday, May 1st and played informal tennis on some of the 11 hard courts.  Edie and Maureen even participated in a game of Queen of the Court that the club was hosting that evening.  A group went into downtown Rancho Santa Fe for dinner at the Santa Fe Bistro.

The next morning, everyone enjoyed breakfast in the Littler Lounge overlooking the 27-hole golf course.  After breakfast, we played tennis with members from Morgan Run from 10am-12pm, switching partners after each set to keep things interesting.  Mcc played both mixed doubles and men’s and women’s doubles, assisted by our beautiful and talented host, Roxy Potter.

Edie, Karin, & Barb with Crazy Hats during Kentucky Derby

Edie, Karin, & Barb with Crazy Hats during Kentucky Derby

In the afternoon, the group gathered at Littler Lounge again.  We filled up a table next to a big screen tv and got ready for the most exciting two minutes in sports, as the 141st Kentucky Derby approached.  Barbara Wood took a $1 bet from everyone and a napkin with their pick from the 21-horse race.  Karin Shoop, Edie Estrada, and Barbara Wood all wore crazy hats to commemorate the occasion.  In the end, no one won the bets as no one chose the favorite, American Pharoah, pulled away at the end.

Saturday night, we had chicken, spring veggies, and potatoes for dinner in the Moonlight Room.  Everyone was excited as dinner started during the final six minutes of the Clippers game 7 playoff against the Spurs.  After some technical difficulties were resolved, we watched as Chris Paul put up a miracle shot to win the game and send Los Angeles into the second round!  Everyone cheered and ate, even happier than we had been earlier.

John, Sophia, & Jerry

John, Sophia, & Jerry

The next morning, our members enjoyed a buffet style breakfast, then moseyed out to the courts for more tennis.  We played until noon.  Most players were spent by then, having walked, swam, eaten, and drank without much break for two days.  Morgan Run offered a late checkout, so players could shower before their two hour drive back to the Marina.

If this trip sounds good to you, please sign up for our first weekend in November trip to Palm Desert.  You’ll meet members you never knew and enjoy a wonderful weekend with friends.


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