Oh, What a Night: The Calcutta Auction & Tournament 2015

Jim Richards & Karen Dixon vs. Elyse Filderman & Carlos Dunkerly

Jim Richards & Karen Dixon vs. Elyse Filderman & Carlos Dunkerly in 2015 Calcutta Tennis Finals at Marina City Club

Wow!  What a great night of auctioning off some amazing teams with lots of new faces participating in this year’s Calcutta.  Included in the mix was Linda Finn, who deserves mad respect for playing in a tournament three (Yes, I said 3) days after her first evaluation and not knowing a single person at this club!  Other newcomers were Raul Hernandez (3rd place winner with Hillary Bibicoff, another relatively new player who plays in everything we offer!), Jim Puerner (who partnered with Linda Finn), Tony Cane, Libby Floyd, Costanza Guerrini, Massoud Djabbari, Charlie Gill, Karin Shoup, Dave Shoup and Xiomara Comrie.  Thanks so much to all of you for not only throwing your hats in the ring, but being great sports and teammates to your partners in the Calcutta.  All the regulars also deserve credit for all their years of continued support, including Maureen Hunt, Mike Skolnik, Elliot Nache, Marv Benson, Jack Hubka, Lucy Walker, Ellen Travis, Lea Wall, Carlos Dunkerly (2-time champ), Elyse Filderman (2015 Champ), Karen Berliner, Karen Dixon, Jim Richards, and Jerry Washam.  You all participate in our club events year after year and are the backbone of this club’s programming as well as always welcoming new faces to our ranks when they get involved with a smile and handshake.

26 Players participated in the 2015 Calcutta Tennis Tournament

26 Players participated in the 2015 Calcutta Tennis Tournament

This year’s auction raised $562.50 for the Venice Boys & Girls Club.  In addition, the champs earned $1,913 for their owners, the runners-up earned $638, and the Gold Champs and the third place finishers received $318.  It was an amazing auction with lots of energy and wrangling as people tried to figure who the teams “in the money” would be.  In the end, Carlos Dunkerly & Elyse Filderman came in as the Champs over Jim Richards & Karen Dixon in a closely contested three “set” final with a score of 32-25, 30-32, 32-26.  The points involved a lot of heavy slicing and topspin with great defense on all sides, but the decisive shot came in the third set at 29-26, with Jim and Karen closing the gap having won three points in a row and having impressive momentum, Elyse hit a return of Karen’s solid first serve down the alley behind the always-aggressive Jim,  to put her team within two points of the match and set the table for them to serve out the victory.  Over thirty spectators enjoyed the wonderful match along with pizza, salad, wings, and drinks from Gatorade to beer.

In the other “money” matches, the other semi-finalists duked it out for $318 for third place.  This match featured the steady control of Lucy Walker and Jack Hubka against the power hitting of Raul Hernandez and Hillary Bibicoff.  In the end, Hernandez and Bibicoff held off Lucy and Jack for the victory 32-30, 32-26 and a share of the pool.

In the Gold Division finals, we had Marv Benson and Karin Shoup, another steady duo versus Elliot Nache and Karen Berliner, another power duo.  This outcome was reversed with Shoup and Benson edging out Nache and Berliner for the Gold Division crown and their share of the pool ($318).

In the side betting, thirteen shares of Dunkerly / Filderman were purchased, splitting the pot amongst those wise decision-makers.

A special thanks goes to the people who bought teams at the auction, for without them, the action would be far less interesting and the Boys and Girls Club would receive nothing!  The buyers with (along with unnamed friends who contributed to their pools of cash): Richard Reinjohn, Al Slayton, Hillary Bibicoff, Mary Djabbari, Jack Hubka, Lucy Walker, Carol Barlin, and Costanza Guerrini.  All of you made this year’s auction a time to remember for everyone involved.  See you all next year in October for another exciting, and hopefully cooler Calcutta!!!


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