Mcc Tennis Holiday Party 2015

The annual tennis holiday party took place in the Galaxy Room on December 4th.  There were 100 people, including tennis players, their fans, and their families in attendance for the food, drinks, award ceremony, and most of all, being with good friends somewhere besides on a tennis court.  We see each other in tennis clothes so much that some people had a hard time recognizing each other in holiday attire.  The room looked beautiful, with pine needles, mistletoe, and lights adorning the banisters and walls.  The food made by Chef Jesus was wonderful with appetizers, a main course that had plenty of variety, and dessert.
Gene gave a talk, mentioning our influx of new members, acknowledging the long-time devoted members who are the backbone of Mcc, and thanking the wonderful fitness, restaurant, and tennis staff for their years of hard work and service.  Many of the newer staff and members expressed surprise at the huge turnout for this event, but this is one of our biggest and it keeps growing each year!  Awards were given in five categories for both men and women tennis players:  upset of the year, most adaptable player, best dressed, most improved, and sportsmanship.
For upset of the year, the winners were Stephen Hall and Vicki Miceli, two players who proved that guts and determination are able to win tennis matches despite what the pre-match predictions are!  For most adaptable, the winners were Xiomara Comrie and Rich Kahn, players who are available at a moment’s notice and are willing to play with almost anyone.  For best dressed, the winners were Don Mantarro and Maureen Hunt because they not only walk the walk but wear the wear featuring the latest fashions.  For most improved the winners were Karen Dixon and Mike Pagani for working hard between matches as well as during matches.  Finally, in the sportsmanship category the awards went to two very deserving nominees who showed amazing fortitude under the stresses of tennis matches where questionable moral decisions and kindness happen all too often in an effort to win they showed kindness and fairness toward both partners and opponents even in the most trying circumstances:  Sheelagh Boyd and Charlie Gill.  Congrats to all the winners of this year’s tennis awards.
Thanks for another fabulous holiday party populated by fun and kind people who make up the Marina City Club tennis community.


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