Round Robin Tennis Mixer at Marina City Club

Mcc Tennis held a Round Robin Mixer followed by dinner at the Mcc Restaurant for twenty players on Friday, July 15th from 6-8pm.  The response for this social event was outstanding and allowed players of all genders and levels to mix it up, leading to new acquaintances.  The matches were specifically designed to be social, with no regard to level or gender making mixing of all our members the top priority.  Everyone had a great time and almost every player joined our large party in the Mcc Restaurant for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Special thanks to Amber, Alessia, and the whole restaurant staff for creating a wonderful atmosphere and understanding our tennis attire on a Friday night!  Please send Gene an email and request to be on the tennis email list if you’d like to hear about and be part of events like this happening at Mcc.  We also have our Mcc Tennis Facebook Page and Gene’s Twitter account where we put photos up as well as promote events at Mcc like this one.  See you on the courts!GroupMixer1 MixerDonMaureen MixerwithJoelAllison RoundRobinGroup2


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