Our Very Own Arnie Lessing in Cult Film at Mcc!

On Tuesday March 7th at 7:00pm, in the Galaxy Room, Jerry Washam and Jack Hubka will be showing the movie “The Beach Girls and the Monster”. This movie was released in the sixties so you might not have heard of it. It’s about rock and roll, surfer chicks, and monsters.
What separates this movie from other rock and roll beach movies is our very own Arnie Lessing. Arnie is a major star in this movie. This was filmed way before he was frustrating MCC tennis players with his volleys, drops, and lobs.
Amber has been generous enough to allow the use of the Galaxy Room. This allows us to show the movie to a larger number of club members. The movie is free but I’m sure the club would appreciate any drink or appetizer orders.
All MCC Tennis Club members are welcome. Arnie himself will be there and he will be glad to answer any questions about the movie or give advice on how to improve your tennis game. 


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