Mcc Singles Challenger #1 – 2017

Singles Players at Challenger

Singles Players at Challenger

The singles challenger had a full roster with 12 players coming out for the round robin event. The main purpose of this event is for singles players to meet other players and get a singles tournament under their belt in preparation for the Mcc Singles Tournament in July.  We had two groups of 6 playing five games per round, the winners were the highest total games.  In Group 1 Sean Cook, Casey Cook, Alan Bledstein, Massoud Djabbari, Stephen McLaren, and Warren Finn.  This group was hotly contested and ended with Alan Bledstein coming out on top with 18 total games, edging out Sean and Casey who came out with 16 and 17 games.  In Group 2 Dave Shoup, Karely Deal, Tess Gill, Gregor Rothangel, Roger Groh, and Vera Mochalina competed with great sportsmanship. In the end, Roger came out on top with 22 games, distancing himself from the field. Vera came in second and Dave finished third.  Thanks to everyone for playing, especially those like Karely who were playing in their first tournament!  It takes courage to join the fray and we applaud all those who competed.  The next Singles Challenger is on  May 27th, so mark your calendars now.


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