Mcc 2017 Bring-a-Ringer Tournament

Wow, what a great event we had this year! We had fourteen teams entered. The matches were exciting from the start with a lot of long, close matches. After a lot of competitive matches, we whittled it down to four teams in the semi-finals of the main draw. All teams got lots of tennis with a consolation draw. Many new teams participated this year, which is what it’s all about, getting more players involved with our Mcc Tennis Program.

In one semi-final, Karen Berliner and Ziga Weisseisen competed against Jacek Twarowski & Danielle Boyce. After running out to a 4-1 lead, Jacek & Danielle held a point to go up 5-1, but Ziga & Karen fought it off with consistent play and smart shots. They battled back, pushing Jacek & Danielle to 5-5 before Danielle brought out her big serve to end the match 7-5.

In the second semi-final, Robert Rudelius & Darcy Simon battled against Mike Rapkin & Caroline Atchison. Robert’s serve dominated and Darcy’s great mid-court volleys carried the day 6-1.

In the final, in front of sixty excited fans, Jacek & Danielle came out firing to take the set in less than 20 minutes 6-1. The second set started differently with Robert and Darcy immediately breaking serve then holding for a 2-0 lead. They held on to that lead throughout the set with Robert serving it out to win the set 6-4. In the deciding set, the men held serve then both ladies got broken, then they repeated the pattern. At 3-3, both ladies held serve with high percentages of first serves to take it to 4-4. Jacek then held serve with mixed pace to throw off the other team’s rhythm. In the final game of the match, at 30-30, the teams got into a rapid exchange with Danielle rolling a cross-court forehand in the alley as Robert and Darcy were covering the other half of the court. On match point, Danielle hit a solid return off a strong kick serve by Robert. Then Robert charged the net with his patented chip and charge tactic, sending a strong, low shot back to Danielle, who bent low, scooped the backhand off the court and split the opponents up the middle to take the match. All the players were very fair and the final was played in good spirits.

Special thanks to the staff who played in the tournament, Renard and Jacek, as well as Priscilla, Brenda, and Angel, for helping out. In addition, the food this time was wonderful, being catered by our friends at Sky Market, a wonderful store we have right here on property! Tower Pizza provided the pizza once again and did a great job. Finally, to the ringers and members who played, a special thanks, there is no tournament without all the participants and spectators who make our events so special.

Ringer Champs 2017 – Danielle & Jacek



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