You are the “Pro of the Year”. Ryan and I played Jim and Marv today and Ryan was AWESOME. Once he hit a few good shots he got on a roll and every part of his game was great. His groundies were good with few unforced errors,his serve was good and his volleys were GREAT. Interesting side note. My best shots were my overhead and my volleys. Jim lobs so much we had lots of practice! Oh, we won 7-5, 6-2. First set was close but I actually served out the set at 6-5. The second set we jumped out to a lead AND I served out the match. But it was Ryan’s great playing that kept us on top.  Thanks again for working with Ryan. He was so relieved.

Let me know,




I am just getting you ready for Monday.

Jon is going to be all over you after the match today.

About 10 Aces on my part, and many serves that were not returned.  4 of the Aces were exactly what we practiced when I serve to the ad court.  I really like that serve now, and that simple position change made all the difference.  In fact, I discovered that I can take the between position – about half way from looking at the fence, to looking at the court, and from there I can serve at will either to hit the T, or to go for the corner.

The other part that worked well was again the return of Jon’s serve from the edge of the court.  I was able to just hit it deep about 2 feet from the line.  Clean winner.

So, please tell Jon about all my flaws.  That way, next time I will see him – he will make me a better player, but playing against my weakness and forcing me to improve that part of the game.  You have my permission J

 Bring it on.

And by the way – I know what I want to work on next time, but I will keep that a secret for now, since you see Jon before me.

 Asher Dahan


It sure seems to me that Sheelagh’s tennis improvement this year has been amazing !!
Maybe thanks to the coaching, but now when I play her She makes me suffer !
Thanks a lot


More testimonials of Gene’s coaching prowess here or below:

By: Mark Greenblatt With Coach: Gene Desrochers Rating: Date: October 15, 2009
Well, Gene has been my tennis coach for about 9 years. The reason that I have been with him so long is that he is a really great coach and a great person. I have had a half dozen coaches over the years, but Gene is my favorite.Sometimes we drill during the whole lesson, and other times we talk strategy. We do whatever I feel like. Usually, we work on items that failed me on a previous match. I might complain about having a low percentage of getting my first serves in. He will watch me hit a few, and very quickly he will tell me that my arm looks tight, or I need to toss the ball a little higher. Invariably, he always has the answer and the minute change fixes the problem. I am sure that he can tailor a lesson plan to fit your needs.Gene always has a cheerful attitude, and it is always a pleasure to take lessons from him. He referred me to one of his other students to play with, and we have been tennis partners for 4 years now. It is obvious that he loves what he does, and you will love what he does for you too.Gene does not list the fact that he drives to see you. He lives in the south bay but comes to West Los Angeles for my weekly lesson, whether he has other lessons scheduled in the area or not. I am not sure how far he drives, but you can discuss it with him. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. However, if you do call me, I will be very persuasive!


By: Elana With Coach: Gene Rating: Date: July 31, 2009
Gene you are an excellent coach, my game has improved a 150%.
Your simple way you deliver, instructions and expertise makes it very easy to assimilate everything.
Thank you Gene

By: katherine noto With Coach: gene desrochers Rating: Date: July 30, 2009
Gene is a great teacher…makes tennis seems simple and yet there is a wealth of technical knowledge behind the instruction. The time flies by and I’ve had fun, a great workout, and learned something that really makes a difference in my game. Definitely take some lessons with Gene.

By: Cris Adams With Coach: Gene Desrochers Rating: Date: July 28, 2009
Amazing class to get fit while improving your running game and form.
Gene is extremely patient and professional, with great talent to give his students just the right nudge to reach the goals set for each session.
The classes are not easy, but the results are well worth the effort.
I highly recommend him for all players at any level.
Besides, you can’t beat such an affordable deal!

By: Diane Brooks With Coach: Gene Rating: Date: July 28, 2009
Gene is the “Real Deal” when it comes to knowing his stuff. Great experience and knowledge of the game, Gene will raise not only your level of play, but your fun with with the game too!
He really cares.

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