Training Videos

Backboard Volley Training Video:

Check out my training video for volleys on the backboard.  I’ll see you on the court!


2 thoughts on “Training Videos

  1. Mary Anne De Conceicao says:

    Thanks for the volleying video Gene. I’m going to try it out.

    I wanted to know the cost for a private lesson and semi-private lesson?

    I’m between a beginner and intermediate player. What is the class size and when?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Mary Anne De Conceicao

    • problemsolvergene says:

      Mary Anne,
      Thanks for watching! Semi private and privates are $80 / hour or $40 / half hour. The semis are good because you split the cost with 1 or 2 others so the hour is only $40 or less per person. I teach a cardio tennis class on monday mornings with usually 3-4 people and it’s $15 / person for the hour (9-10am). I send a weekly reminder (or when it is cancelled). If u want to b on my email list, let me know. More videos to come. Keep playing tennis and I hope I see u on the court!

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