Mcc Bring-a-Ringer 2014

The Ringer tournament was a great success!!! Thanks for coming out and supporting our players as they worked very hard to entertain you and win this prestigious event.  Below are some action shots from our photographer extraordinaire Dennis Liss.  If you didn’t make it out for the matches and bbq, this is a taste of our wonderful day.

Special thanks to the players: Steve, Joan, Georgie, Mike, Jacek, Nancy, Karen, Ziga, Lucy, Robert, Barb, Stu, Karen, Renard, Madonna, Don, Tomoko, Chris, Brandon, & Diane, who all had to guts to mix it up on the courts with fellow big-hitters.

Thanks to Don Mantarro for barbequing and to the members who came out and supported our event.  It means nothing without the people of Mcc to share these exciting moments with.  If you haven’t stopped by the tennis desk, please walk by and take a look at the competitive matches that took place all over one grueling Saturday.  If you played, you lost weight and dealt with the nerves of tournament tennis.  If you watched, you saw some fantastic points and nail-biting shots, as well as wonderful sportsmanship by all the players.

In the end, Jacek & Nancy triumphed over Karen & Ziga 6-1, 6-0, however, the match was closer than the score implies.  Many games went to deuce, but Jacek and Nancy were very steady and resolute on the big points.  Ziga & Karen had to come through the back draw of our double elimination event, so were also understandably tired after playing five tight sets of tennis to arrive in the final.  For their part, Jacek suffered a slight ankle sprain, but adjusted his movement accordingly and played very solid tennis with only three errors in the final.  Nancy handled Ziga’s big serve with solid returns that kept the big man bending for low volleys.  Karen hit some hard, flat winners, but in the end, Nancy and Jacek just got too many balls in play to be denied the trophy.

Mcc Tennis Players in Ringer 2014

Mcc Tennis Players in Ringer 2014

RingerChamps&Runnersup 2014

All the matches were fun and played in the best of sporting spirits.  Thanks again for another wonderful Bring-a-Ringer Tournament and please have your ringer for 2015 picked out in advance so you too can participate next season!


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