Gene’s Tip of the Month June 2014

This month’s tennis tip is very simple, but often overlooked:  Re-grip and re-string your tennis racket!  Yup, we all forget to do it, especially the grips.  Sometimes, I let my grip get worn through to the hard plastic / foam beneath and then wonder why I can’t get a good feel for the ball or a solid grip on a sweaty day.  Grips are less than $10 and you should take a good look at yours every month if you play more than once a week.  When I let my get worn out and I finally put a new one on, it never ceases to shock and awe me how much surer my shots feel.

keep your racket on track this summer

keep your racket on track this summer

The same goes for strings.  Some of us break strings frequently, so that is an easy reminder because we have no choice but to send off our racket to Daryl for new ones.  For flatter hitters, it’s less obvious.  The historical rule is string your racket as many times per year as you play per week.  So, if you play twice per week, then get it restrung every 6 months.  Three times, every four months.  Of course, re-stringing more frequently never hurts, except maybe your pocketbook.

See you on the courts!


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